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What's left to do before Beta4


Explosions not making impact sound
Glitch when changing maps in a map cycle, not allowing map to change at all (constant intermission moaning bug)
door kill - set up the doors / plat froms to only inflict damage to non players (i.e. if (other.classname != "player") do damage)
Platforms shouldn't get stuck because of corpses
CTF mode doesn't want to use the team spawns, it only uses the deathmatch spawns
player_team_1 spawns a blue player but flag_team_1 is a red flag and vice-versa
corpses staying after player has left the game
bullets/flares aren't setting off "bombs" - only radius damage weapons are.
the screen should get progressively darker as you choke underwater
Get Crystal ball / coop view working
make option for usable platforms
a lot of things get pushed back when attacked
test single player and items / health transitions between levels (func_changelevel)
Recoil effect for tommy gun?
napalm should hiss as it's going through the air - which wav file?

Bot Code

Lighter click and no attack
Doesn't use elevators
Doesn't move off of lava
Doesn't hop out of water
throwing TNT / Aerosol / proximity = Suicide
Bots need to watch out for proximities / shoot them?


Seperate head model for the zombie for decapitated death
Adjust eyes on zombie model to not be symetric


Needed for E1M1
  • Skin barrels, TNT & plain. (model: barrel, tile0907)
  • Skin decapitated corps. (model: body1, tile2333 & 2334)
  • Skin bottle. (model: bottle2, tile0759)
  • Skin boulder. (model: boulder, tile0804)
  • Skin bloody waste bin. (model: buket1, tile0505)
  • Skin calipers. (model: calipers, tile1715)
  • Skin small candle stand. (model: candlbr1, tile0584)
  • Skin large candle stand. (model: candlbr2, tile0580)
  • Skin clock. (model: clock, tile1165 & 1166)
  • Skin broken clock.
  • Skin fire extinguisher. (model: extngsh, tile0658)
  • Skin tuft of grass. (model: grass2, tile0608)
  • Skin I.V. stand. (model: ivdrip, tile0962 & 0963)
  • Skin small jar. (model: jar2, tile0802)
  • Skin other small jar. (model: pot5, tile0604)
  • Skin garden lamps. (model: lantern, tile0640)
  • Skin severed leg. (model: leg1, tile0682)
  • Skin canned zombie. (model: metbarrel2, tile0563)
  • Skin potted plant. (model: plant1, tile1009)
  • Skin fire poker. (model: poker, tile1716)
  • Skin tall vase. (model: pot1, tile0537)
  • Skin reflection vase. (model: pot2, tile1063)
  • Skin saw. (model: saw, tile1714)
  • Skin shovel. (model: shovel, tile1713)
  • Skin sink taps. (model: skintaps, tile0485)
  • Skin skull impaled on stick. (model: sklstk3, tile0685)
  • Skin jawless skull. (model: skull1, tile0807)
  • Skin skull standard. (model: skullrag, tile0607)
  • Skin spade. (model: spade, tile1712)
  • Skin spire. (model: statue4, tile0679)
  • Re-skin "Draven" headstone. (model: draven, tile1159)
  • Re-skin large skull headstone. (model: tombstn1, tile0706)
  • Re-skin broken KLK headstone. (model: tombstn2, tile0705)
  • Re-skin RIP headstone. (model: tombstn3, tile0701)
  • Re-skin cracked RIP headstone. (model: tombstn4, tile0704)
  • Re-skin brass cross. (model: tombstn5, tile0678)
  • Skin wood cross. (model: tombstn6, tile0730)
  • Skin wall torch. (model: torch, tile0570)
  • Skin wreath stand. (model: wreath1, tile0575)
  • Skin large wall wreath. (model: wreath2, tile0633)


E1M1 - change cloak secret to beastvision
E1M1 - piano keys are backwards
E1M1 - piano secret playing sound when going up and down. Sound changes after played once (three different sounds)
E1M1 - walls should only be destroyed by explosions (is there a flag set up for this already???)
E1M1 - func_doors near piano need to open by player proximity, not by use button (set flags to non-zero)
E1M2 - Add single player walls, use func_transparent with a style of 1 and alpha of 1
E1M7 - Misaligned step textures
E2M8 - Remove box around level
E2M8 - Add single player walls, use func_transparent with a style of 1 and alpha of 1
E3M7 - Remove box around level
E4M1 - Tower has invisible blocking wall
E4M1 - The double door at the start of the level cuts through the wall and sticks out
E4M8 - Overlapping brushes when invisibility cloak secret is triggered
E4M8 - Remove box around level
E4M8 - Life seed angle
E4M8 - See through floor in front of huge chair
E4M8 - Invisibility cloak secret doesn't have to be triggered to pick up cloak
E4M9 custom texture for escalators
E6M8 - Floors are too high in spots. Player shouldn't have to jump up in certain areas
BB4 Use func_rotate_train on platform to get it to work like it does in blood
All maps need their original track number from blood to take advantage of the new ogg files
Bot waypoints for all the maps
buttons need to be fixed in (all???) the maps. automatically reseting (bb6)
Not all buttons work (BB6)
missing brain jars (obj_world_jar1) and meat barrels (obj_world_metbarrel) in E1M1 and E1M2
secrets need to not have health anymore since we have the "use" button now
test wait for button reset. Do the buttons automatically reset?
test func_transparent for a normal brush
bb3_2k1 - You can fall out of the level and get stuck very easily
crypt - if you set the water alpha to anything but 1 you can see through the bottom of the map
highnoon - should you have to shoot the chapel doors? Make them rotate instead

Maps in progress

E1M1 - Bloodite
E1M2 - Predator
E1M3 - Joe Volante
E1M4 - Bloodite
E1M5 - Predator
E1M6 - Timothy Hale
E1M8 - -ED
E3M1 - Bloodite
E3M4 - Desdinova
E4M5 - Da Weezle
E4M7 - Joe
E6M3 - -ED
E6M9 - Joe
CPBB02 - Rob Gove?
CPBB04 - Rob Gove?


desrt1bk.tga is screwed up
Make .spr files from all the transparent art tiles so we can use decals.
night1rt.tga is huge (file size) compared to the other sky parts


Remove redundant sounds / files from the pk3s
add burger queen / E3M1 to CVS and maps.pk3 (get from bloodite)
E4M1 - add to the CVS
E4M7 - add to the CVS
E6M9 - add to the CVS
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