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Download the coolness that is Transfusion!

  • Transfusion 1.0 & 1.01 Patch
    The Transfusion official releases are available in 2 formats: a Win32 installer and a Linux ZIP archive. Note that Transfusion 1.01 is only available as a patch against Transfusion 1.0, and that the SDK is distributed as a separate download.
              [Transfusion 1.0 & 1.1 Patch]
  • Transfusion 1.05 Beta 2
    There have been quite a few changes since Transfusion 1.01. Although Transfusion 1.05 Beta 2 is still in the rough, there are many game play and internet connection improvements over the original Transfusion 1.01. If you have been curious as to the development of Transfusion, download this.
    Note: This includes both the Win32 and Linux executables.
              [Transfusion 1.1beta3]
  • Transfusion Map SDK
    Transfusion's mapping SDK. This is what you will need if you wish to create original maps for Transfusion.
              [Transfusion SDK]
  • Blood Soundtrack
    Transfusion 1.1Beta3 supports OGG format audio files. To play the Blood CD Soundtrack put "cdsoundtrack.pk3" into your "basetf" directory.
              CD Soundtrack [CD SoundTrack: OGG]* [CD SoundTrack: MP3]
              MIDI Soundtrack [Midi SoundTrack: OGG] [Midi SoundTrack: MP3]
  • Extra stuff
    Transfusion is built on the DarkPlaces Quake engine. If you find you are having issues being able to run Transfusion, you may want to try a newer version of the DarkPlaces executable.
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